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If someone tells you metal roofs can look good, would you believe it? We don’t think so. As much as we want to take your opinion back and argue about it, we have to admit there are plenty of reasons why you would hate metal roofs even without owning one.

  1. They do not look attractive when you see them in commercial buildings like factories or industries.
  2. You always can notice problems with corrosion and rust.
  3. Do they always have the same gray industrial color? It seems like that.
  4. They can be expensive compared to other options.

Now, we are aware of all this since we have heard and read many comments and feedback about metal roofs. But those are mostly from people that are giving their opinions without actually knowing if they are true. And even if they do have experience with metal roofs, here is the thing: we dare to say it was just a bad one.

The secret behind knowing if you can trust in metal roofs or not is trying to confirm the previous assumptions and ‘facts’ according to some people. We can help you to answer them here and now:

  1. Metal roofs CAN look attractive when you choose the right material, color, paint, coating, and additions. It is all about choices and decisions.
  2. Corrosion and rust are indeed a common problem but can be handled and solved with the right coating layer and some paint to reinforce the job of the coating.
  3. They do not look gray all the time. Again, it depends on the roofing system and the color.
  4. Yes, they can be expensive, but does this apply to every single metal roof in the market? Absolutely not.

Of course, it is easy to deny those aspects without having proofs but we actually have them. To start, we can take the same roof you have probably seen hundreds of times in commercial buildings: corrugated metal roofs. This metal roof in specific is one with a characteristic gray design that is considered the industrial one.

And the reason commercial owners decide to install it is that it is cheap and can offer the performance they need. But to fit it in what we just mentioned about all the assumptions and facts, you must know everything is literally as we said. The corrugated metal roof can look stunning if you choose, for example, aluminum instead of steel for the panels.

Steel is usually hard to paint and tends to offer you only the gray design as a result. But with aluminum, you can easily paint them, apply the coating you need, and obtain a completely different finishing. For the second part, the zinc coating will do the job to prevent corrosion and rust from even appearing in the roofing panels. And unlike other options like using zinc and copper as the main material for the corrugated panels, aluminum and steel offer amazing performance at an affordable price.

What we are trying to tell you with this is that you should not neglect metal roofs based on what you read or hear about. Some options like corrugated panels can give you amazing results if you are well-informed and take the time to go for the options available in terms of paint, colors, and more. Actually, have you ever considered installing this same roofing system? After what we just said, we assure you the idea does not sound crazy anymore and if you ask us, we can guarantee is one of the best investments in your life.

Corrugated roofs are durable, long-lasting, low-cost, and will help you to save energy thanks to their feature of reflecting heat due to the aluminum or steel. You can easily get a roof that will deliver what you need while also giving you what you want for designs and styles.

What does it take to install a corrugated metal roof?

Fortunately, it is quite simple. Metal roofs are easy to install because they are lightweight, and since corrugated comes in large panels like many other roofing systems in this field, you will not have problems to deal with them. However, it is easy when you are aware of what needs to be done, the materials to use and the tools required.

Our company Metro Metal Roofing Company of Miramar is here to help you handle the entire project and guarantee the best results so you do not mess up the first installation. For metal roofs, the installation is one of the most important parts because it will not only guarantee good performance but also prevent future repairs and problems for the owner. Therefore, do not even think about doing it on your own.

Just make sure you contact us and our qualified and experienced professionals will take care of everything. That being said, installing it will not be your only worry. You need to think about future services for your roofing system after all. Like repairs, maintenance, extra needs, and problems. Fortunately, corrugated panels will not give you a hard time unless there is something special and unique happening.

And if you find yourself in something awkward and you are having a hard time, we will be there as well. We will help you with every future service for corrugated roofs since we know everything about them as the metal roofing company we are. that being said, what do you think so far? Does it sound good for your business or maybe even your home?

Keep in mind you can get the stunning design you are looking for in your home, so just give it an opportunity and try to search for some pictures that can show you the results you want. Do not close yourself to options like this when they are such good ones. Just think about it in this way, you get amazing designs, a good performance, fewer worries about repairs and maintenances, and the opportunity to get your money back thanks to the ROI it offers.

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